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Teen & Adult Learn to Skate

The Teen/Adult Learn to Skate program is designed to teach teens and adults of all ages basic skating skills or to improve upon skills that have been learned in the past. It is a fun program that enhances a healthy and active lifestyle. Ice hockey helmets are mandatory for Learn to Skate skaters who have not yet completed stage 5.

We offer Teen/Adult Beginner Skate, Teen/Adult Intermediate Skate, and Teen/Adult Advance Skate.

Teen/Adult Beginner Learn to Skate

Teen/Adult Beginner Learn to Skate is for skaters wanting to learn how to skate.  You can be 12 years of age and up.  This program focuses on fun, participation, and basic skill development.  Skaters learn basic skills to prepare them for any ice skating sport or recreational skating.

Teen/Adult Intermediate Skate

Teen/Adult Intermediate Skate is for skaters 12 years of age and up that want to continue to work and build on their skating skills.  They are comfortable with skating forward and backward and would like to learn more complex skills.

Teen/Adult Advance Skate

Teen/Adult Advance Skate is for skaters 12 years of age and up that want to learn more intensive skating skills using power and speed.  They are comfortable with cross cuts forward and backwards and would like to learn more specific skating skills of their own level.

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How to prepare for your skating lessons:

  • Get your skates sharpened
  • Make sure your helmet fits
  • Pack your mittens or gloves.
  • Pack an old rag to wipe your blades with after your lesson.
  • Practice putting on your skates and tying them.
  • Please use a hard skate guard when walking around the arena, dull skates will impede your progress


How to dress

  • The arena can be cold but dress in layers as you will warm up with skating
  • All skaters must wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet until they have completed stage 5

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