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Our professional coaches are all certified by the National Coaching Certification Program and are registered with Skate Canada as Professional Coaches. They are totally dedicated to the sport of skating and have a variety of personal achievements, both as skaters and coaches. Find out a little more about their backgrounds and coaching philosophies.

Leonid Birinberg

T: 613-843-1740 | E:

26 Years of Coaching Experience

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  • NCCP Level 3 certified, working on Level 4
  • Singles,
  • stroking,
  • conditioning,
  • skating skills,
  • interpretive,
  • choreography and
  • off-ice training

I believe that sport, and physical activity in general, stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health.  Sport specifically aids in the social and psychological development of a person.  Figure Skating requires self-discipline, perseverance, and determination; these skills can be applied to every aspect of a skater’s life.

I thoroughly enjoy working with skaters of all ages and levels, helping them reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

  • 2014 – Designation of Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC), representing the highest attainable membership with Coaches of Canada
  • 2014 – Highest level of education, experience and ethics coaching certificate
  • 1992 – Diploma of Figure Skating Coach and Sports Teacher, (equivalent of Bachelor of Science in Sport and Physical Education) from Moscow Institute

Singles; Jumps; off-ice training; stroking; conditioning; skating skills;



  • Coached bronze medalist at ISU Grand Prix Rostelecom, Russia (Senior Ladies, 2015)
  • Coached  to 5th place at Junior Worlds , Bulgaria (Junior Ladies, 2014)
  • Coached to 7th place at Junior Worlds, Italy (Junior Ladies, 2013)


  • Coached silver medalist at Canadian National Championship (Senior Ladies, 2015)
  • Coached bronze medalist at Canadian National championship (Novice Men, 2014)


  • 1st place at Skate Ontario Championship , Juvenile Women U11
  • 1st place at  2014 Skate Ontario Super Series, Pre-Novice Men
  • 2nd place at 2015  Eastern Ontario Sectionals, Pre- Novice Men

Private Lesson fee:  $15.00 – 15min

Group Lesson fee:

2 skaters – 15min  – $8.75  per skater

3 skaters – 15min – $6.60 per skater

4 skaters – 15min – $4.95 per skater

HST (13%) will be charged on above services

Competition Expenses: Travel, meals & accommodation to be shared by competitors.

Louise Dimmick

T: 613-720-9240 | E:

14 Years of Coaching Experience

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  • National Coach Trained in Singles
  • Provincial Coach Certified in Dance

Currently coach skaters of all levels in competition and test from Canskate to Gold and Junior competitive including those competing at Sectionals and qualifying for Skate Canada Challenge and Canadians.


15min Private: $11.50

15min Semi-Private: $6.50

Group Lessons:

15min – 3 skaters: $4.50

15min – 4 skaters: $3.75

  • Freeskate,
  • Skating Skills,
  • Stroking/Footwork,
  • Choreography,
  • Dance,
  • Off-ice

Lenka Seniglova

T: 613-668-0952 | E:

14 Years of Coaching Experience

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NCCP Level 2 certified in Singles, Level 3 theory


I strive to help skaters in developing their full potential and achieving their goals while making the learning process educational and enjoyable. Figure skating has been my passion since I was four years old. Having an athletic career in figure skating has taught me more than just spins and jumps. I have acquired skills that help me in my everyday life including discipline, dedication, time- management, fair play, hard work, and persistence to name just a few. I would like to pass on what I have learned through my experiences to my students.

Lenka represented the Czech Republic at the 2001 European Championship and at the 2001 Worlds. She has competed internationally and also did an ice show tour in the UAE.


Private Lesson $12.00 per 15 mins

Group Lesson 14.00 per 15 mins

Dan Gordon


Over 30 Years of Coaching Experience

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NCCP Level 3 certified


On a personal level Dan has achieved Gold level in Figures, Freeskate and Dance. He has coached all levels of skaters from Canskate to international figure skating medalists. His skaters have passed levels from Preliminary to Senior Competitive tests.


$15.00 per 15min


  • Singles,
  • Dance and
  • Pairs

Lori Walker

T: 613-889-1714 | E:

19 Years of Coaching Experience

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NCCP Level 2 certified

  • Free Skate,
  • Skills,
  • Dance,
  • Synchro

I have much dedication and appreciation for my sport. I enjoy working with skaters of all ages and abilities. I want to motivate my skaters to develop a positive approach towards figure skating while having fun and working hard. I want them to develop into the best athletes/people they can be.

Lori skated for a Nepean Skating Club synchronized skating team for 5 years (team was National Champs 2008-2009 season). Lori has taught skaters of many ages and levels from Canskate to Starskate and also adult programs.


Taught skaters of many ages and levels from CanSkate to StarSkate (Preliminary to Senior Silver levels) and adult programs

Coached skaters at club competitions and test days

Skated for 20 years back home near Sudbury (Valley East Skating Club) and started my professional coaching there in 2002

2007 to present- CanSkate and StarSkate coach for the Nepean Skating Club

2008-2013 CanSkate and StarSkate coach for the Metcalfe Figure Skating Club


$11.00 per 15min

Sara Davidson


15+ years of coaching experience

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National Coach – Trained, Singles

Coaching Philosophy:

The best part of coaching is helping skaters of all ages and skill levels achieve their personal goals, no matter how big or how small. Watching skaters become enthusiastic, self-motivated and develop their own passion for skating increases my love and commitment to our amazing sport. Seeing them succeed at test days, competitions, tryouts and ice shows makes me so proud of their courage and hard work.

Available to teach:

Skating Skills
Dance Tests
Synchro Skills

Areas of Specialization:

STARskate, Competitive, Synchro, Adults


$12.50 per 15 min

Bilingual: English/French

Mary Yarush

T: 613-762-2495 | E:

15+ years of coaching experience

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  • Level 3 certified singles and pairs
  • Completed 7/12 level 4 courses
  • Attend seminars regularly in order to stay current with updates/rule changes/guidelines
  • Free Skate
  • Pair Skating

I am dedicated to helping skaters achieve personal goals by installing a well-rounded on and off ice routine.  At the same time, I would like to ensure that skaters use and value life skills learned from experiences with skating.

My goal is not just to develop skaters, but to develop people.

  • Choreography
  • Free Skate and Pair skating
  • Competitive and STARskate
  • Working with young children
  • Edgeworks – Working with hockey/ringette skaters

$14 per 15min (private lesson)

Competition expenses (travel,meals,accommodation). Cost shared with competitors

Tanner White


Certified Regional Coach

NCCP Provincial Coach - Trained

12 years of coaching experience


View Credentials and More

Tanner graduated from Brock University in 2020 & 2021 with an Honours Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies in Outdoor Recreation with a minor in Sustainability Studies, and a Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies (3-Year). He is a Certified Regional Coach and a Provincial Coach in Training. 

 As a skater, Tanner competed in competitive Ice Dance at the national level in Canada, and he is the 2012 National Gold Medalist of the Netherlands with his partner at the 2012 Dutch National Championships in Tilburg, NL. Tanner has trained under the direction of Carol and Jon Lane, and Juris Rasgulajevs, who are National, World and Olympic coaches at the Scarboro Figure Skating Club’s Ice Dance Elite Program for two years. He also competed in Men’s free skate, competing three seasons at OUA Championship competitions as a member of the Brock University Badgers Figure Skating Team.

 He has been a coach since 2015, working at various clubs around the Ottawa area, as well as 3 years at the Winter Club of St. Catharines as the head Ice Dance coach. Since 2019, he has been the Ice Dance coach of the Carleton University Ravens Figure Skating Team, where his skaters have won Gold in the Rhythm Dance event (2019 OUA Championships), as well as the gold medal in Gold solo dance, silver medal in Dance Fours and Rhythm Dance events at the 2022 OUA championships in Aylmer, Ontario.

 Tanner Is qualified to teach all disciplines of skating. He always works hard to ensure his skaters develop strong fundamental skating skills utilizing his specialized skill set. He is proficient and qualified in all disciplines of skating and is available to coach all levels of athletes. He incorporates the use of technology in his lessons, such as youtube videos and video analysis using the Coach’s Eye app. He also teaches Pole-Harness lessons for jumps.


15 Minute Private Lesson: $11.25

15 Minute Group Lesson: $4.75  

­­Tanner White

NCCP Certified Regional Coach

Elizabeth Medland Spence

W: Visit Website | E:

5 Years of Coaching Experience
18 Years of Skating Experience with NSC

View Credentials and More

  • NCCP Regional Coach Certified
  • Star 1-5 Assessor Training
  • NCCP CanSkate Coach Certified


  • BSc Neuroscience and Mental Health (Carleton University- 2021)
  • BSc Psychology: Concentration in Health Psychology (Carleton University- Current)


  • Freeskate
  • Skills
  • Dance


My coaching philosophy is to create a safe environment where skaters are free to be themselves, allowing them to grow, not only as skaters, but as human beings. I aim to help skaters develop their skills while growing their love of skating, by being patient and attentive to their needs and demonstrating a strong basic technique. I understand that, as coaches, we are helping to build people, not just athletes, so we must lead by example, with kindness, respect, and compassion. I believe that skating is for everyone and want to be able to share my love of the sport with them.


  • 150+ tests passed by skaters
  • 5 gold tests passed
  • 5 skaters qualified for provincials


$10.00 per 15 min

Katherine Medland Spence


5 Years of Coaching Experience
18 Years of Skating Experience with NSC

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  • NCCP Provincial Coach (in progress)
  • Certified NCCP Regional & CanSkate Coach
  • Star 1-5 Coach Assessor
  • BSc in Biochemistry from Carleton University (in progress)


I strive to create a positive training environment to allow skaters grow as people and athletes, as well as helping skaters achieve their goals through all stages of their skating careers. I believe in developing well rounded skaters by teaching all disciplines. I recognize the importance of mental health awareness in sport and incorporate mental skills into my coaching techniques. I currently teach skaters from the Star 1 – Gold levels in the Freeskate, Skills, Dance, and Artistic disciplines. I have had skaters pass Gold tests and qualify for the Provincial Championships.


  • Freeskate
  • Skills
  • Dance
  • Off-ice jumps
  • Choreography


  • Senior Women National Competitor
  • 6th place at the 2022 Skate Canada Senior Nationals
  • Gold Tests in Freeskate, Skills, and Dance
  • 2019 Skate Ontario Senior Women Provincial Champion


$10.00 per 15 min

Off Ice

Leonid Birinberg

T: 613-843-1740 

Technical Training Instructor

Leonid Birinberg graduated with a Bachelor of Sports, specializing in Physical Education and Sport; he also holds the Canadian designation of ChPC (Chartered Professional Coach). For over twenty years, Leonid has focused on training figure skaters from StarSkate to the International level. Leonid combines the two components, on and off ice, to optimize each skater’s skills, allowing the athlete to reach their full potential.

Dylan Harries


Fitness Instructor

Dylan Harries {B. Rec., B.Sc. (HK), C.A.T} is a renowned fitness presenter who travels the world inspiring his participants with his passion and knowledge of all forms of physical activity. With over 22 years of fitness experience, Dylan is a Regional Director for the National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA in Ottawa Canada. In his spare time, he is an award winning athletic trainer and performance coach. Dylan is CALA (Trainer), CFP (PTS/FIS), SPI (2), YMCA (Master Trainer), Gym-Stick (Aqua Master Trainer), HydroRider (Trainer), Spinning (star 2), Bender Ball (Master Trainer), Pilates (Diane Miller Method), Bosu, TRX and NCCP (2) certified.

Irina Shivrina


Dance Instructor

Irina Shivrina is certified as a Fitness Instructor (Russia) and Master of Choreography (Russia) and holds a Level 1 NCCP Certification (Canada) in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Irina has been teaching a variety of classical and contemporary dance modalities for the past 23 years and thrives on seeing her students stretch their boundaries and achieve their personal goals.